Blue Leviathan

About Us

We are passionate about payments and focused on creating value for the ecosystem.  The payments industry is at a remarkable point of inflection – both in developed and emerging markets.  We believe that the enabling powers of technology, an explosion of all things Internet and mobile, along with a globally interconnected population are creating interesting new possibilities.   Payments cannot be viewed in isolation and neither can current business models and existing infrastructure be taken for granted.  Fluidity, change, and innovation are the byword.   We need to look at payments through the broader lens of commerce and value exchange.

At Blue Leviathan we help organizations leverage market changes and drive value. We are a specialist advisory and consulting firm with a network of seasoned thought leaders, practitioners, and builders.   We work across a broad set of organizations – banking, payments, fintech, and investment management.  We help early-stage fintech firms navigate and scale, we help established players address disruption and transform successfully, and we provide market and industry perspective to the investment community.

We bring high-impact experience, intellectual rigor ,and critical thinking to bear – we are adept at both strategy and execution and driven by our client’s success.